NFT Special: Boundless Hype or Meaningful Use?

In this special episode, I have five guests from the fields of fintech, music and art with whom I talk in detail about NFTs. However, it’s not primarily about NFTs as a pure investment, but about the benefits of the tokens in everyday life, in the music sector or even in art.

Overview NFT Special

The topic of NFT is now the big thing and a really extreme hype has arisen, which is growing in connection with the Metaverse.

For example, fashion designer Philipp Plein recently bought a property in Decentraland for 1.4 million euros. A Bored Ape NFT sold earlier this year for a whopping $2.8 million. Such examples naturally arouse desire and greed.

And where there is greed, fraud incidents are not far behind. At the height of the first crypto phase in 2017, scams went through the roof. It’s the same with NFTs.

In total, there were $44 billion in Ethereum smart contracts turnover by 2021. Often, this is money laundering or wash trading. This involves faking a higher value by buying or selling an asset. Millions of dollars in profits have been made by fraudsters in this way.

I don’t think I need to explain in detail what this means for inexperienced investors. The NFT sector is a shark tank, which pretends great wealth, but can bring great losses. The approach with non-exchangeable tokens is extremely interesting, especially for artists. The whole thing can then also be worthwhile as a collective investment for fans, where it’s not just the return that matters.

Why this NFT special?

I wanted to take a closer look at NFTs, the metaverse and the whole shebang. And without pressing the hype button to get rich quick. What are NFTs anyway? How does it work? Where are the pitfalls? For which areas of application is it interesting? And what can I actually do with it?

One interview partner alone is not enough, which is why I invited 5 interview guests from different areas to talk to me about the different aspects of NFTs. I invited the following guests:

  • the two founders of the crypto platform Coindex: Kai Kuljurgis and Sergio Martins Pereira
  • the art consultant Franziska Ida Neumann, whom you already know from financial rocker episode 170
  • audio engineer Christoph Thiers
  • and Carmelo Lo Porto, the co-founder of the NFT auction house Niftee.

So this is a slightly different Finanzrocker episode with a completely different approach. In doing so, this episode does not claim to be exhaustive on the topic. I’ve put some emphasis on topics that I was personally interested in, but I can’t possibly cover everything in one episode. Therefore, consider this episode as a kind of stocktaking with interesting guests and lots of examples.


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About the guests in this episode

About Kai Kuljurgis

Kai originally comes from a management consulting background. He started his career after his dual business studies at pwc. Subsequently, he founded the str

ategieberatung e&Co. AG.

In 2017, he met Sergio Martins Pereira. Out of their fondness for cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, the two founded the crypto fintech coindex in 2018. coindex is a platform for index-based cryptocurrency savings plans.

I invited Kai because he deals with the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and also NFTs on a daily basis.

More about Kai

About Sergio Martins Pereira

Sergio is a software developer and founder. He focuses on serverless microservices, blockchain, deep learning, dev-ops and finance.

In 2017, he met Kai Kuljurgis. Out of their fondness for cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, the two founded the crypto fintech coindex in 2018. coindex is a platform for index-based cryptocurrency savings plans.

Sergio is responsible for the technical part in this podcast episode and they much from a developer’s perspective. He was already invested in cryptokitties NFTs in 2018.

More about Sergio Martins Pereira

About Dr. Franziska Ida Neumann

Dr. Franziska Neumann is an art expert. She gained her expertise on the one hand by studying art history and subsequently obtaining a doctorate in the field, but also by working in the art sector.

Here she has been able to gain a lot of knowledge about the field of art through contact with clients, but also through great interest. She dropped out of law school and studied art history instead. She has another academic degree in business administration.

I invited Franziska to this episode because she brings some experience in the field of “art and NFTs”. She talks about the first NFT projects of museums and artists and how artists make money with it.

More about Franziska

About Christoph Thiers

Christoph works as an audio engineer and studio manager and is well connected in the music scene. In the past, he has increasingly dealt with the topic of NFTs in the music scene and has also written several articles about it.

Through an interview in Metal Hammer I became aware of him and this article was also the main reason why I wanted to do this NFT special. It was about the question what influence NFTs can have on the music scene.

More about Christoph

About Carmelo Lo Porto

Carmelo originally comes from the music industry. After training as an industrial clerk, he founded his own label Antstreet Records in 2005.

Then in 2011, he moved to the music management side with Ever Ever Music, introducing young artists to the market.

In September 2021, Carmelo founded Niftee, the first German NFT auction house, together with Andreas Braun.

The contact came about through Franziska and Carmelo rounds off the episode perfectly with his knowledge from the field. In the interview Carmelo talks about successful auctions of hip hop artists and upcoming projects.

More about Carmelo


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