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There are almost 7 million over-indebted people in Germany. While some have got into difficulties through no fault of their own, a rapidly growing proportion of Germans are spending the money they don’t have with both hands.

Almost 7.6 percent of Germans are overindebted because of bad consumer behavior. 0-percent financing, cheap loans and unrestrained consumption are tempting more and more people to go shopping – even if the money isn’t there. Time to rethink: keep a close eye on your budget plan with these 3 finance apps.

Budget plan finance apps

Which finance app is best?

What’s the basis for a good life? Thoughtful money management is certainly a fundamental building block for it. In the debt podcast on “Der Finanzwesir rockt”, Albert and I have already talked about all kinds of debt.

And also about the fact that you can’t just point the finger at debtors, but also at banks, electronics markets and others who encourage people to get into debt. We also discussed the topic of “debt and private insolvency” in detail with two guests.

0-percent financing, cheap loans or even supposedly cheap credit cards tempt a lot of


I constantly get letters from some banks with really great cheap loans, even though I never overdraw my account or go shopping extravagantly.

If you’re susceptible to this kind of thing and can’t manage your money that well, you’ll quickly fall into a trap and get into too much debt. The trend? Rising again since the financial crisis!

In the long run, of course, this trend is disastrous. Yet keeping a budget plan and sticking to it is easier today than ever before. There are so many ways you can go about it and track your income and expenses. You can accomplish a lot with a digital budget book.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to five finance apps and banking apps that can help you stay on top of your finances – plus the obligatory bonus tip.

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1. Personal finance planning app: financial guru


guru has written a unique success story. In the fall of 2018, the twins from Dwins GmbH participated in “Der Höhle der Löwen” and gave part of the company shares to Carsten Maschmeyer for a lot of money. Deutsche Bank and other companies also invested millions of euros in the start-up from the beginning.

As a result, the app was one of the most downloaded financial apps in Germany. But let’s be honest: Of course, all that doesn’t make it a great tool.

The best finance apps: Finanzguru Logo

I’ve been using Finanzguru now since the day it went on air and I’m really excited about


In addition to a simple budgeting function, the app reads out all current contracts based on account turnover.

If you set yourself realistic budgets, using the Finanzguru app quickly becomes successful. of the trends, you immediately recognize whether your spending behavior has changed.

Whether it’s insurance, streaming services or the Bahncard, Finanzguru reads out the debits and uses them to plan your finances in advance. This way, you can keep an eye on all your accounts and contracts.

Does the contract debit monthly, quarterly or only annually, when

a month is debited and what impact does that have on my financial situation for the month. I get a push message every few weeks how much money I have left. This is a very easy way to plan for money.

What are the advantages of Finanzguru?

On my smartphone, it’s one of the best apps I use regularly. Not only because it shows me how much money I have left this month, but because it shows all the contracts I have and lets me cancel them in a matter of seconds.

Just click on the contract, press cancel and then the email inbox opens with a pre-written text including the contract number. Then all you have to do is send it and wait for confirmation. This way, you automatically have an overview of your contracts and terms.

Alarm functions can also be set up if the cancellation date of a contract such as the Bahncard is approaching again. You will be informed by mail and push message as soon as the cancellation deadline approaches.

This can really save you a lot of money. Old contract corpses can be quickly identified and canceled in no time at all.

In addition, the Finanzguru app is also very clear, simple and user-friendly. It’s also free, with Finanzguru earning money by brokering cheaper contracts. And the app is free and available for Android and iOS.

However, you don’t have to use it. Data protection is writ large, and it works according to German banking security standards. The involvement of Deutsche Bank is noticeable here. Within 3 minutes, everything is set up and you can start saving.

Go to Finanzguru*

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2. Finance app: Outbank as a finance guru alternative?

Outbank has had a very long journey so far. Launched as an online banking app in 2009, the company quickly slid into bankruptcy. When it restarted, the focus was then on tracking users in hopes of earning a share of contract commissions.

It was then sold to Aboalarm, a subsidiary of Vervox and Pro7Sat.1. That also failed. The takeover of FP Finanzpartner AG in November 2021 should now put an end to this and find a good business model for all sides.

Finance app logo Outbank

Outbank makes it possible via app to manage accounts, budgets, contracts, household book via a banking app. This requires paying 3.99 euros per month to connect all bank accounts. Outbank recognizes bank bookings in seconds.

However, there are special features here: With Outbank, “banking”-remote offers such as Trade Republic, Klarna, Coinbase, Amazon, Paypal, Payback or even insurance companies can also be connected. A budget plan is also possible.

Finanzguru vs. Outbank

Another plus point is data security, because with Outbank, only you have insight into your finances. The Outbank app communicates directly with your bank. Everything complies with German banking security and data protection standards. Advantages: This way you have

You have full control over your data from the very first moment.

All banking functions are executed directly in the app on your device and not on a server FP financial partners. This is a significant difference from Finanzguru, for example.

In addition, you can manage your contracts and control your expenses and payments. With an overview of your fixed costs, custom budgets and analytics, you can immediately see where you’re paying too much.

There’s also Outbank for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Android. This makes the money manager a real all-rounder for many devices.

Download Outbank

The beginner’s book for wealth accumulation

3rd app: Money Control

For 4.99 euros, there is a comprehensive budget package with quite a few options. Tobias has already highlighted the tool in the reader podcast. But what makes Money Control so cool?

The best financial apps: Money Control Logo

I think it’s the really good overview and also the coupling of the different devices. If you track expenses via your smartphone and have the app paired via Dropbox, you can take a close look at all your expenses on your home PC. And also let them out as PDFs.

The solution is very easy to use and looks good as well. Money Control is available for all devices (iOS, Windows, Android), so there are no excuses for it not working on your device.

You can find out everything else on the homepage. On iTunes, the app has 2,650 four-and-a-half-star ratings. That should speak for itself.

Try it out for free. Only after a certain number of bookings do you have to pay money once.

Download on iTunes: Haushaltsbuch MoneyControl – Einnahmen und Ausgaben*

Download in Google Play Store

Bonus finance app: Budgetplaner-App von Deutschland im Plus



planner app from

Deutschland im Plus was awarded as the finance app of the year 2019. The foundation is dedicated to helping young people become financially literate.

The rather comprehensive app provides income, expenses, limits, an extensive search, statistics and templates. The app is free and delivers a lot of added value. Check it out.

Download from Google Play Store: budget planner app

Go to landing page on website

Budget plan Office bonus: Create private budget without financial apps

Ok, you could have come up with that yourself. But spreadsheets scare many people off from the start. But that doesn’t have to be the case, because there are countless templates on the web, especially for budgets.

I myself use an Excel template that came with Office 2013. With it, everything can be tracked wonderfully and the formulas are all already integrated. You can find other templates for example at the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Schuldnerberatung (some templates as download) or on a site like with a detailed article about the budget (but with francs as currency) and a table.

If you work with a Mac, Numbers also has a free template. But you can also use the Word templates without any problems.

Conclusion: Best budget app

Maybe you’ve already found a tool or a finance app


That will help you. Of course, there are countless ways you can easily get a handle on your budget.

Most can probably handle it without any tools or use a proper budget book to write in. Still, there are some who can’t handle it so easily. And I would like to help them with this article.

There was not yet the right thing for you? Then check out this article. Die Welt has listed the 25 best financial apps at a glance. There are sure to be a few tips for you.

In the comments there was a great tip from Stefano about the free open source program “GnuCash”, which can also be connected via an Android app to track your expenses.

You should definitely get a handle on your spending with it. And if you liked this article, share it on social media. Maybe it will help more people get a handle on their budget.

For stocks, ETFs and equity funds only, you should use one of the financial tools suggested here


Annotation: This article is one of the oldest articles on the blog, which I completely revised in 2022.


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